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Kristen Daukas & Rob Ainbinder have a combined 34 years as influencers and content creators. What started out as personal outlets for each of them quickly became personal brand outlets to connect brands with the thousands of visitors to their properties each month.

As experienced speakers and conference organizers they have a unique perspective on what it takes to bring actionable and insightful presenters to each session. 



Are we crazy to give a FREE content creator summit? Well when we asked our expert speakers some were frankly a little surprised we were. But, once we explained that with the times we are in and that it would could create something positive in the process. Nearly every speaker we approached was onboard from the get go. 

Doing something good when times are good is easy. Doing something good when times are difficult can be a challenge. But, we were committed to sharing our experience and the experience of our experts that had as much actionable information to contribute to your success as a new content creator as possible. 

We want to make an impact. World-changing impact, one content creator at a time. You as an content creator build an audience. They come to know know, like and trust you. And by taking steps each day (that you’ll learn in this summit) you can eventually realize your dreams. 

Unlock Your Potential

These content creator Experts will help you unlock youR potential

How much should something like this cost?

We’re talking about how to indentify you niche, zeroing in on your story and becoming an influencer and content creator from some of the top experts in influencer marketing and content creation.

There’s something for every one considering becoming an influencer or content creator and who are just getting started at this summit.

When we thought about how much it would cost to get this kind of access to all of these folks, you can imagine how high the ticket price increased.  And that’s not counting the value of the increased revenue in your career as an influencer and content creator once you apply what your will learn.

And the truth is, a large number of people out there would do everything they could to take this idea and charge what it’s worth.

But while most people are moving toward the money… we’re moving toward connection.

Honestly… most of us know that we need to do something as content creator…but there’s parts we’re just not good at doing or, haven’t started doing.  Maybe you think you’re good at Insta or, TikTok.  But, you can’t get the right shot for Pinterest.

Kristen & I have learned a thing or two about content creation and working as an influencer,  we’ve tried out a lot of different things, (some of which worked) and we even went a little crazy trying to figure it out for ourselves.  In the process, we learned from some of these same great experts and even buying some of their programs!

(That’s how we know just how amazing all these people are!)

And while we wouldn’t be sad to walk away with a huge chunk of change for selling all this content creation goodness…

By giving away access to these impressive minds instead, we’re helping countless influencers and content creators get really clear on their niche, getting consistent and tap into their innate abilities and ultimately change the world for the better.

These Experts Will Teach You How To Become a Content Creator, Grow Your Audience, And Live Out Your Dreams.

Free stuff is worthless. We’ve learned from our own experiences that when you are given something for free, you often severely undervalue what it’s worth.

If they don’t have any skin in the game… they don’t follow through, if they even bother to show up at all.

We want better for you.

So that’s why we have to apply a little pressure here. For that reason, these interviews will only be available to you for 24 hours.

This summit is 1 day long. And once that day is up, those interviews are gone… done… finito!

Why are doing it like this?

To make you take action.

This is the best way we know to help you succeed.

When you have a deadline, it requires more from you… and the more that’s required from you, the more likely you will be able to pay attention and then implement it.

So to help you implement these influencer content creating secrets, We’re giving you a just short window to watch for free.

During that 24-hour window when each interview is live, we want you to block off your calendar and set aside some time to absorb what is presented and start applying what you’re learning in your content creation and influencer activities.

And don’t forget

– A singular focus.

– No Multi-tasking.

– Absorb all great strategies and tactics.

– Test some new ideas.

And, of course, fill your notebook and head with great ideas.

And then we want you to go turn your influencer brand and content creation into a force for good and cash-flow machine it can be… just like you learned how to do by watching all of the interviews.

It requires a real commitment on your part…

But if you can make that commitment, we’re happy to give you this gift.

And then… It all disappears

We can’t wait to see how far you go with this, and what you unlock for your Content Creation & Influencer Brand.

See You There!

Kristen & Rob

P.S.: Let us recap one more time:  This is a virtual summit, one day long.  Totally FREE. But the videos are only up for 24 hours.  You can learn from the experts in Content Creation and being an influencer to elevate your brand and make more money.  How’s that for payback?  

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